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November 15 2016

While I really appreciate efforts like the Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey script ("soup.io_force_working_asset_hosts"), please don't use it when everything is working. If I'm reading the code right:

It replaces all img, a and link sources on asset servers 6-f with a random asset server 0-5, regardless if the resources loaded ok or ran into an error, leading to multiple downloads per asset.

Every time it runs, it replaces the same asset's server likely with another randomly chosen one, even though the resource may already be in the browser's cache, leading to even more downloads.

Every time the page changes (endless scrolling), the script iterates over the complete page again, which is not a big deal, but maybe slows things down a bit.

Please don't understand this as criticism, but as a proposal for improvements :). A rough sketch for an improved version would be to attach "load" and "error" event handlers to the document, collect a set of working servers from the first, and replace the broken ones in the second with a pseudo-random / deterministic alternative from the working set.

But I'd rather fix stuff on the server than on the client side, and I hope there are some idealists left who are able to keep this aging service alive for a while <3 ...
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November 10 2016


@AnimeIsOurOnlySalvationFromTheHorrorOfExistence hacked together a UserScript that rewrites the URLs of images and asset links. That way you can browse soup again, without the broken pictures. @paket added support for endless scrolling.
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October 23 2016

soup userscript request

a "did i repost this already?" script. it would check the original post for reposts of mine, once i hover the repost button. perhaps it gets a green underline if i didn't repost it or something like that..
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October 18 2016

Dear @testkitchen, please supply us with an option to exlude all link-only posts from /everyone.
Thanks."Hot-Fix" http://www.soup.io/everyone?type=image http://didyouknow.soup.io/post/481207241/You-can-easily-filter-your-Soup-and
There's also text, quote, video, file, review, event and obviously link. Sadly you can not combine these.  

September 30 2016

deleting your soup (group)

*late reply is late*
do you still need help on that issue?  -- i don't know if it's fixed yet but there was actually a problem with deleting an account. the (temporary?) solution was to put "delete me" in the title/description of the soup and sending an email to the kitchen (team[@]soup.io) with a request to delete your soup.

August 18 2016

ok, someone help me pls

how do i delete a group that i created???

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June 26 2016


Probably my biggest soup modification so far, BetterNSFW is an attempt to improve soups NSFW system. Instead of just hiding NSFW content like soup does, it entirely removes the post from the document, meaning that your browser will not load NSFW images etc. at all, saving bandwidth.
Also, instead of just making the posts disappear without a trace, BetterNSFW replaces them with a "NSFW hidden" toggle.
The NSFW toggle
If you click this toggle, the post will be shown, without the need to activate NSFW mode in soup. This means that NSFW soups will no longer be completely invisible in your stream. It also works better with reactions to/from NSFW soups. Instead of this:
Broken reaction
you will see this:
Working reaction
The source code is available here (public domain): https://github.com/edave64/souplements/blob/master/betterNSFW.js
It is available as a script for Greasemonkey and Tampermonkey: https://greasyfork.org/de/scripts/20936-soup-io-betternsfw
You might also be able to embed the script into the header of your soup, to enable it permanently (Haven't tried that yet).
If you find any bugs, please report them here or over on github.
If your soup uses a custom layout, you might want to check if the ".hiderToggle" element integrates well. I have not jet seen any issues there.
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February 09 2016

Soup Savestate Bookmarklet

Replaces your url in an infinite stream with one that starts at the post currently in view. When the tab reloads, the stream will continue where saved. This also adds the stream at this position to your browser history, so you can close the tab and resume later.
The code is very loosly based on/inspired by the reSoup chrome extension.
The readable source code is available here: https://github.com/edave64/souplements/blob/master/saveState.js
NOTE: This is not automated. It has to be triggered manually. I tried to make a userscript version that saves on every post, but sadly this spams the browser history, creating an entry for every single post you scroll by.
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February 06 2016

V3: Bookmarklet to display hidden elements in soups

  • Displayes reposts and reactions, post icons (thanks @fbr ) and dates (thanks @sofias ) that are hidden by the settings of the soup
  • Supports infinite scrolling

Also available as a userscript for greasemonkey and tampermonkey: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/16891-soup-io-display-hidden-elements
I also have a github repository for my soup code now: https://github.com/edave64/souplements
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February 01 2016

reminder: unrelated content will be deleted and may result in being banned.

January 26 2016

January 25 2016

soup since FF addon

Soup Since Extension
A friend and I developed the soup since addon for firefox. It adds a link to the actionbar (">") and the context menu ("start reading from here") to reload the soup at the current post. This works for user and friends/fof/everyone streams.
available on github and addons.mozilla.org
edit: now with official AMO release
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January 21 2016

i'm having trouble getting any custom css to load. if i put in the code for any theme, it will show the background and some of the text formatting, but none of the formatting for the posts or anything :C help?
Tags: css theme

January 15 2016

Hi! I can't upload anything on my soup, and options didn't work too. When I click on icons nothing happens :< What can I do, someone have similiar problem?

November 17 2015

Hey, is there a bulletproof way to find out the soup username for a soup with custom FQDN (URL)?

Normally I found a way through the repost chain, or e.g.  in case of eschaton.pl it says "jackal's soup" in the title and one can then go on to verify that it is indeed @jackal.

But when you stumble upon a soup from elsewhere and the title is changed, is there a way?

October 19 2015

yup, you can view them by opening them in a new tab and removing the size from the filename. so this: http://asset-4.soupcdn.com/asset/13786/4294_4e61_650.jpeg becomes this: http://asset-4.soupcdn.com/asset/13786/4294_4e61.jpeg
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September 17 2015


(CSS, 2.9 KB)
this is my current soup css, to be used with the mostly unstyled "custom" soup theme. released to the public domain, feel free to use and modify however you want. please attribute use and changes. and maybe drop me a message when you decide to use it. :)
it's meant to be more touch-friendly, therefore the buttons are bigger and always visible. unfortunately, the repost button is in an iframe and cannot be styled with custom stylesheets. so that part looks a bit silly.
feel free to report errors and suggest improvements.
thanks @nordern for suggesting the name. :D
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September 08 2015

Bookmarklet for clearing your ignore-list.

Gargamel and the NSFW-settings made pretty much my entire ignore-list obsolete. However, cleaning it up is very tedious, since the page reloads every time. This bookmarklet solves this problem: Just drag it into your bookmarks, go to http://www.soup.io/everyone, expand the "ignored"-list, add click on the bookmark. If your list is very long, it might take some time, but it will reload the page if it is done.
@kitchen Creating this caused a few faulty requests to the servers, I hope you forgive me for that. The bookmarklet itself only launches one request at a time, so it shouldn't cause trouble.
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September 04 2015

before you send an email (=use the

1. please note: this is not official soup business. just another soup user here.

2. ask the group. it's what it's for. join the everyone group and make a post. (buttons are in the lower left corner: "♥" for following = reading in your friends stream, and "person with a +" for joining = posting and editing access. editing your own posts, that is.) this group has ~200 people, and one wouldn't even have to be a member just to reply to a post here. so your chances for a quick answer are about a million times better than when you email someone who is also the worst at replying in a timely fashion. (seriously, the worst. do feel free to resend your message.)
don't be afraid to ask what you think is a stupid question. everyone was a newbie once.

3. if it's official soup business (reporting another user, cannot access your soup etc), let the soup team know.

4. if it's specific to the group (spam posts, layout troubles, tags, couldn't join the group), definitely write an email.
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how to hide reactions

you can't prevent someone from reacting to your posts but you can change your settings so that reactions aren't shown. open the options panel and under "elements", uncheck the box for "who reposted". (yes, that will also hide reposts. no way around it for now afaik.)
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