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February 15 2017

May 14 2015

Hi, is there a way to find out the group followers? Not members, but those who only observe.

April 23 2015

Hello :). I'm having a bit of a trouble, it seems. Many posts don't load for me, regardless the filter, be it friends, fof, individual users... And it doesn't really matter where i connect to Soup from. Am i the only one, or is it a more common issue?

March 11 2015

This is it!
Much love, much love ♥

here, grab this single big flower as a thank you, I owe you one.

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February 26 2015

Hi everyone :)

I really can't find anywhere information how to make own "digging deeply in my soup" option on the front upper bar of my soup.
Well, I have one already but it is totally broken inside (html) and won't working anymore.

I will be grateful for help, cheers!

February 10 2015

@123Playful-me -- hola, i assume it was you who sent an email via the contact form? the email address you put in was incomplete. just throw me another message with your email address, please?

[this message will self-delete after x seconds]

December 17 2014

You can now choose (not) to see “adult” material!

After three attempts to implement this feature, we’re finally there. You can now choose to (not) see NSFW (“not safe for work”) content by clicking on the button in the top bar.

On the flip side, you can now also set your whole soup or individual imports and posts to be NSFW.

Please refer to the @didyouknow entries on how this works in detail:

Please note: we’re not interested in making adult content invisible or pester you with silly “age verifications”. The switch to see adult material is in a prominent place, and we make it very clear what you’re currently seeing when surfing Soup. This feature has purely practical reasons: the mobile apps depend on it, users often want to visit Soup in a family/work environment but can’t, and when we try to think about anything that has to do with NSFW content that could finance Soup (such as e.g. ads) we simply need to be able to categorise undesirable material so as to not abandon either the idea or our content policy prematurely.

As you may experience, we implemented this in a human-driven way: there are no bots that set your soups NSFW status, just other users and us. And if your blog is hit with the NSFW status, you can disable it again yourself.

Up until now, we silently disabled blogs with even just one adult picture or text for display on /everyone. From now on, as long as you don’t forget to mark your NSFW material, your blog posts can and will be displayed to non-logged in visitors on /everyone again - and even the rest of it to logged in visitors if they chose to see NSFW content :)

TLDR; if you see adult content anywhere it shouldn’t be, report it via the flag icon (next to repost) and be sure to mark your own material when you create it.

As always, criticism and feedback is welcome. Just reply to this post.

And if you're interested in what we're cooking up next, members of @testkitchen see features long before (but also get hit by bugs harder than) the rest.

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November 24 2014

soupBackup.java (a backup solution for soup.io)

Usage is simple : after downloading the soupBackup.java you can compile it on your machine with "javac soupBackup.java" or you can download that file from the bitbucket repository - or use the soupBackup.jar.
read the readme file for more details.

$ java soupBackup your-rss-file.rss
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October 24 2014

No Flash :: Add-ons für Firefox

Replace Youtube and Vimeo Flash video players embedded on third-party website by the HTML5 counterpart when the content author still use the old style embed (Flash).
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October 20 2014

jup. if you're in soup.io/friends, click on "ignored users" in the sidebar, if you hover the icon of the ignored user, a little "x" button appears on top. click this to un-ignore the user.
Is there a way to un-ignore a user I accidentaly ignored?

October 15 2014

i think there is one, anyone remember it?

Hey soup users,
today I discovered that you can indeed display a union of multiple tags with my.soup.io/?tags=tag1,tag2, and you can even combine it with the other filters.

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July 11 2014

There was a script for GreaseMonkey, that helped to avoid long texts in soup "everyone" dash. Currently the page it was set is unavailable - can any of you share this script with me, please?
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July 04 2014

Scheduled maintenance Saturday 5 July 2014

Around 10:30-11:00 a.m. CEST (8:30-9:00 a.m. UTC) we will do a middle-sized search hardware and possibly also a major database software upgrade.
We don't expect too many problems and should be done within four hours. Follow us on twitter to get notified about the start, the end, and any change of plans/desperate cries for help in between.
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June 08 2014

You can scroll soup with your keyboard

You can use the keys J and K to navigate any streams; J brings you to the next post and K to the previous one.

For very long posts you can jump to the top/bottom using shift-J and shift-K.
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May 31 2014

Is the RSS import broken or is it on purpose that the imported item doesn't link to the actual blog? Showing only the description and not the tilte isn't helpful either. (e.g. Stallman zu Besuch in Wien)
Edit: The rss is made by hand, so maybe there is an issue? See http://schlingel.bplaced.net/rss.xml
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May 04 2014

Bas-Rhin : une fillette de 11 ans échappe à ses ravisseurs après un viol


// oAnth

From this post, (which I didn't repost actively from my friends' timeline), was caused a posting loop of 165 reposts to my account. This happened to me already some time ago (see the entry - in DE - from 2013-01-05) on soup.io. I apologize the inconveniences.


oAnth, 2014-04-04 - 03.30 p.m. CEST

April 18 2014

Blogschau // Debatten der Woche // 11.04-17.04.

// at verfassungsblog.de

one of the uncountable RSS-Feeds on soup.io which is desastrously displayed on this platform - this has started at beginning Fevruary 2014

[ @kitchen ]
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