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December 09 2019

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paraphrasing of the life hack above:
if you are not healed, you are not healed(plus some details about how not being healed is hurting you).
it feels a bit vain and victim blamy, to be honest. after all, you did not let go.
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(sorry for the wall of text, tl;dr at the end):
@gingerglue: That's true and I understand the reason for reposting.

My reasoning for finding the meme ableistic  lies primarily in the oversimplification of recovery from "any event that fucks you up for years to come" (this is qualitatively the same for trauma or mental illness) based on prejudice of how mental illness (or those upfuckery events) works: the model behind the (wording in the) meme approximately is "apply process of conscious thought to mental illness and mental illness will go away" or phrased reversely: "your pain is still there because you don't _think_ right". But thought isn't the problem in recovery from such events. Emotion is. (Or more precise: separation of memory and emotion)
The lived reality of thousands of people with (past) problems that evidently withstood hundreds of attempts to cure them by applying conscious thought is reduced to supposed solution by one thought process. It reproduces an oversimplified, condescending model of mental illness in implying that mental illness could be cured by just thinking "logically" and therefore that mental illness (etc) was a lack of information.
This is emphasized further by the non-ironic use of "simply" in the phrasing: that one word adds condescension to the content: With the message "it is easy", potential years of suffering are reduced to that one process of conscious thought that only you as a person with a mental injury simply don't seem able to do right. But mentally ill people _know_ that jogging helps against depression. They _know_ that they can ask for help. And they know that that past event can't harm them further. But recovery from difficult past events (or mental illness) isn't in knowledge. It is a complex process that is in the hands of professionals for a reason and that is more often hindered than facilitated by _thought_lessly voicing such catchphrases.
And thanks for the recommendations (I mean that), although that "hint" that it's gonna be work is not necessary. I have a disability. I work most of my waking hours against a discriminating, excluding society since I was a child.

@paket: For those people, the same message doesn't need to be framed as it is in the meme: The pure facts don't need to be put in a form that adresses the persons suffering from those things directly. Doing that is just establishing a hierarchy between healthy and ill as well as between the person supposedly "knowing" and the person "not knowing".
"Unhealed emotional traumata produce the same chemicals in human brains even if  only remembered. The challenge is to sever the emotional ties to the memory" would be a different phrasing that also gives the person reading a hint on where to position the lever. That certainly doesn't have that "motivational poster"-vibe anymore, but personally, I don't think that is a bad thing (keyword neoliberal usurpation of recovery, self growth and -improvement)
And in anticipation of further thoughts: Yes, I know it's a quote. And yes, people saying important things (in the best cases eloquently) should be quoted in full. But besides being helpful to some, the quote is ableistic to others (see above). That's not nice and it hurts people. But it's also not something anyone (including me on my high horse) is free of. We can either live with it or learn from it (look at me, throwing around catchphrases).

In conclusion/ tl;dr: Yes, that advice can be good for people not knowing it, but that would have been possible in less ableistic ways.
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Morna, a music style from Cabo Verde, recognized as World Heritage

Cesária Évora was one of the genre's best-known interpreters.
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Ecto-1 is the barn find of a lifetime in 'Ghostbusters: Afterlife'
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