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July 21 2018

Vem shoppade vad på flygmässan?

Affärer för 192 miljarder dollar, motsvarande 1.705 miljarder kronor, har gjorts upp vid den stora flygmässan Farnborough. Det är en ökning med mer än 50 procent sedan den förra mässan för två år sedan, uppger arrangörerna. Men många kunder väljer att inte skylta med sina köp.

På jakt efter jamska guldkorn

Den jämtländska matkulturen är mer än stjärnkrögaren Magnus Nilssons Michelinkrog Fäviken. Di har besökt regionen som vill locka fler turister än de vanliga skidåkarna.

Hogan tells Great Mills students he would reject an NRA endorsement (Ovetta Wiggins/Washington Post)

Ovetta Wiggins / Washington Post:
Hogan tells Great Mills students he would reject an NRA endorsement  —  Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Thursday told a group of students from Great Mills High School, where a 16-year- old girl was killed earlier this year, that he would support toughening a law that holds parents responsible when their children gain access to their guns.

The Kremlin Is Celebrating Helsinki. For Now. (Alexander Gabuev/Foreign Policy)

Alexander Gabuev / Foreign Policy:
The Kremlin Is Celebrating Helsinki.  For Now.  —  Vladimir Putin achieved his goal of embarrassing the United States.  But Russians are already bracing for the backlash.  —  “Awesome, better than super.”  That was the initial assessment offered by Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister …

Spanish conservatives pick Pablo Casado to replace Rajoy (Joshua Posaner/Politico)

Joshua Posaner / Politico:
Spanish conservatives pick Pablo Casado to replace Rajoy  —  Lawmaker beat ex-deputy prime minister in the final round.  —  Spain's conservative Popular Party elected communications secretary Pablo Casado as leader at a party congress Saturday.  —  He replaces Mariano Rajoy who was ousted as prime minister in June.

Mnuchin Says He 'Wouldn't Minimize' Chance of Tariffs on All Chinese Imports (Jeffrey T. Lewis/Wall Street Journal)

Jeffrey T. Lewis / Wall Street Journal:
Mnuchin Says He 'Wouldn't Minimize' Chance of Tariffs on All Chinese Imports  —  Treasury secretary, attending a meeting among G-20 finance ministers and central bankers in Latin America, also played down Trump remarks on currency markets  —  BUENOS AIRES—U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said he …

USA kan lyfta ryska sanktioner

I april införde USA sanktioner mot den ryska aluminiumproducenten Rusal som bland annat har ett smältverk i Sundsvall. Beskedet fick stora konsekvenser på aluminiummarknaden. Nu meddelar det amerikanska finansdepartementet att man kan lyfta sanktionerna mot Rusal.
Sergio Marchionne exits Fiat Chrysler, Ferrari amid health crisis

Sheriff who backed Roy Moore allegedly had sex with teen girl (Max Jaeger/New York Post)

Max Jaeger / New York Post:
Sheriff who backed Roy Moore allegedly had sex with teen girl  —  The Alabama sheriff who threw his support behind accused jailbait-chaser Roy Moore's failed Senate bid is now under investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage girl.  —  SEE ALSO

Six times, a SAPD lieutenant has been fired. Will he get his job back again? (Emilie Eaton/San Antonio Express-News)

Emilie Eaton / San Antonio Express-News:
Six times, a SAPD lieutenant has been fired.  Will he get his job back again?  —  A San Antonio police lieutenant with a long history of disciplinary problems — including four firings and 11 suspensions — is in trouble again, accused of making a homophobic remark about Police Chief William McManus.

2399 a3c6
Woman Delivers Baby in a Chick-fil-A Bathroom
Porsche builds 'Classic Project Gold' restomod for its 70th anniversary

CNN cameraman has 40 years in the field, and the storage units to prove it (Lisa Napoli/Columbia Journalism Review)

Lisa Napoli / Columbia Journalism Review:
CNN cameraman has 40 years in the field, and the storage units to prove it  —  A bumper sticker from the network's earliest days.  —  After nearly four decades as a CNN cameraman, Dave Rust hasn't just collected the typical journalists' larder of press passes and selfies from the thousands of stories he's covered.

2400 76a0
‘It’s Unimaginable’: Survivors Mourn 9 Family Members Who Died in Missouri Duck Boat Tragedy

Centrist Dems begin arguing against far-left agenda as 2020 play (Alex Roarty/McClatchy Washington Bureau)

Alex Roarty / McClatchy Washington Bureau:
Centrist Dems begin arguing against far-left agenda as 2020 play  —  Leading moderate Democrats forcefully argued this week that their party can still nominate a presidential candidate who praises capitalism, downplays income inequality, and embraces only modest changes to the social safety net.

There Is a Revolution on the Left. Democrats Are Bracing. (Alexander Burns/New York Times)

Alexander Burns / New York Times:
There Is a Revolution on the Left.  Democrats Are Bracing.  —  DETROIT — For Rachel Conner, the 2018 election season has been a moment of revelation.  —  A 27-year-old social worker, Ms. Conner voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 primaries, spurning the more liberal Bernie Sanders, whom many of her peers backed.

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Veckans resenär: "Jag äter bara kött i Japan"

Andreas Vural, vd för mobiltillbehörsbolaget Happy Plugs hoppas på att komma ut i rymden och äter bara kött i Japan. Han är veckans resenär.

lifejoyaddict: Wood Oven Roasted Apricots, goat cheese, toasted points, rosemary, and hot honey

Tags: food
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