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April 27 2017

Fox News' Jesse Watters takes abrupt vacation after controversial remarks about Ivanka Trump (David Choi/Business Insider)

David Choi / Business Insider:
Fox News' Jesse Watters takes abrupt vacation after controversial remarks about Ivanka Trump  —  Fox News' Jesse Watters is reportedly taking a vacation, one day after making what was seen as suggestive remarks about Ivanka Trump.  —  CNN's Brian Stelter and the CNNMoney Media team reported Wednesday …

Trump tells Canada and Mexico he won't terminate NAFTA treaty, will seek renegotiation instead

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (L) shakes hands with U.S. President Donald Trump in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 13, 2017. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump told the leaders of Canada and Mexico on Wednesday that he will not terminate the NAFTA treaty but will renegotiate it with them, a White House statement said. The announcement came as White House officials disclosed that Trump and his White House advisers were considering issuing an executive order to withdraw the United States from the trade pact with Canada and Mexico. The White House said Trump spoke by telephone with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime...
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U.S. Missile Defense System in South Korea Will Be Operational ‘in the Coming Days’

USA utreder importen av aluminium

USA:s regering kommer att utreda importen av aluminium och säger att den kan skada amerikanska intressen, inklusive landets säkerhet. En liknande utredning tillsattes om stålet förra veckan, med fokus på Kina.

Kraftigt vinstlyft för Samsung

Sydkoreanska Samsung redovisar en kraftigt ökad vinst för det första kvartalet, upp med 48 procent jämfört med motsvarande kvartal i fjol.

Trump behåller Nafta - tillsv vidare

Amerikanske presidenten Donald Trump kommer inte riva upp det nordamerikanska frihandelsavtalet Nafta i nuläget.

Trump decides not to withdraw from Nafta

US will instead start talks to bring trade deal with Mexico and Canada ‘up to date’
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Writer Tim Wise hit the nail on the head. White people claiming to be victims in Michael’s or Starbucks are only revealing how privileged they are. (x)

follow @the-movemnt

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Google Celebrates South Africa’s Freedom Day with Doodle Honoring Composer Enoch Sontonga





this isnt terribly new info but i wanna mention it anyway! ivanka trump’s clothing line was having trouble selling bc of the family’s huge drop in popularity, so they secretly renamed the brand Adrienne Vittadini

if you dont wanna support the trump family/ivanka, keep an eye on what ur buyin fam :)

Wanted to call out a substantial amount of bullshit on this, but it turns out this is actually true.

Let me go into more depth on OP:

G-III, the company that licenses Ivanka Trump ready-to-wear, has relabelled inventory without the knowledge of the brand and sold it to discount chain Stein Mart. They say:

“G-III accepts responsibility for resolving this issue, which occurred without the knowledge or consent of the Ivanka Trump organisation,” a representative for G-III said in a statement to BoF. “G-III has already begun to take corrective actions, including facilitating the immediate removal of any mistakenly labelled merchandise from its customer. The Ivanka Trump brand continues to grow and remains very strong.”

At Stein Mart, there are clear photos of garments that are by Trump and Vittadini and the only difference is the label. To be clear, this brand-swap was not given the green light by Trump and was done without their knowing, as I said earlier. 

The department store to which Trump’s clothes are being sold, Stein Mart– which, btw has 290 stores in 31 states, said that there has been negative reaction to Trump’s clothing brand:

According to a source within Stein Mart, the retailer has received negative feedback from customers regarding Ivanka Trump product, with one customer spitting on a blouse in front of a cashier before storming out of a store.

Also, swiping labels/brands is not illegal and is commonplace before a garment is sold to a discount retailer.

“US textile product labelling laws allow substitution of labels, so long as the entity making the substitution is identified on the new label and keeps records for three years,” explained Susan Scafidi, professor of fashion law at Fordham Law School and founder of the Fashion Law Institute. “This is mostly for supply chain tracking reasons. All of the other required information on the label — fibre content, country of origin, etcetera — must be maintained.”

Though Label-Swapping is technically legal, there is always ethical questions about it. A clothing retailer can legally relabel with certain restrictions, yes, but it doesn’t mean that it should, especially if label-conscious consumers are likely to be outraged by the switch. Customers will be looking for transparency with labels.

However, both parties must be consenting and notified– Adrienne Vittadini had not been notified (and her part in this is unclear):

While G-III and Stein Mart have both acknowledged their participation in the swap, it is unclear what role Adrienne Vittadini has played. Authentic Brands Group licenses Adrienne Vittadini, not G-III. However, G-III declined to explain how the Adrienne Vittadini labels ended up on the Ivanka Trump garments. 

And yes, it does matter if Vittadini didn’t know:

It certainly matters if Adrienne Vittadini did not know about the swap. “If the original label [is replaced] with that of a third party unaware of the substitution, the [responsible party] would be liable to the third party,” Scafidi says. “All of this derives historically from the law of fraud.”

That being said, here are some other things:

Trump’s line losing sales is absolute bullshit despite Nordstrom + others dropping her shit. From Jan-Feb, there was a 346% increase.

Stein Mart CEO D. Hunt Hawkins told Business of Fashion, which first reported the incorrect labeling, that carrying the brand as a different label was not political, although he told the publication there had been some customer complaints about carrying Ivanka Trump’s brand. “We’ve had both labels for a while,“ he said. “We may see more Adrienne Vittadini in the short term. I’ve had an equal number of [customers] say that they don’t want and do want [the Ivanka Trump merchandise] in the store. If we get it, we get.”

It is still unclear on Adrienne Vittadini’s stance on this situation, or the company that licences her label, Authentic Brands Group, so please (as of now), don’t blame a 72 year old American designer for the shit Ivanka Trump and her clothing label pulled.

Sources: x. x. x.

omg thank you so much for this update/info??? youre a saint dude; it never hurts to be more informed!

I broke up with bike sharing after one horrible crash - CNET
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he did That

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Do what you have to. And get it done ✅

Portlandia: City of the Petty, Bankrupt, Vindictive Left (Steven Hayward/Power Line)

Steven Hayward / Power Line:
Portlandia: City of the Petty, Bankrupt, Vindictive Left  —  One of the staples of Portland, Oregon—"Portlandia" to TV viewers— is the annual Rose Festival, now in its 82nd year, and it has for several years now featured a kickoff parade, akin to the Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1 every year.

Lawmaker goes after internet troll by calling his grandmother (Brooke Seipel/The Hill)

Brooke Seipel / The Hill:
Lawmaker goes after internet troll by calling his grandmother  —  A Pennsylvania state lawmaker on Wednesday hit back at an internet troll who called him the n-word and a “fa—  ” by calling his grandmother and telling her what her grandson had done.  —  Pennsylvania House Rep. Brian Sims …

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Backstage at Missoni SS17 by Adam Katz Sinding

Venezuela Announces Plans To Leave The Organization of American States As Protests Leaves 29 Dead

Venezuela's government said they were following through with their threats to withdraw from the Organization of American States (OAS), after the group has been critical of socialist President Nicolas Maduro, according to The Associated Press. Confrontations between protesters and security forces have left 29 dead over the past month in clashes all across the country as many call for an emergency election.Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez called for the withdrawal from OAS after a meeting with the group's Washington headquarters that voted in favor of holding a special session evaluating the Venezuelan economic crisis, delayed elections, and detained political activists. Tensions had been high...



this isnt terribly new info but i wanna mention it anyway! ivanka trump’s clothing line was having trouble selling bc of the family’s huge drop in popularity, so they secretly renamed the brand Adrienne Vittadini

if you dont wanna support the trump family/ivanka, keep an eye on what ur buyin fam :)

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Broncos LB Brandon Marshall opens up about protests, Colin Kaepernick being "blackballed" by NFL (Nicki Jhabvala/Denver Post)

Nicki Jhabvala / Denver Post:
Broncos LB Brandon Marshall opens up about protests, Colin Kaepernick being “blackballed” by NFL  —  Marshall: “Kaepernick did a silent protest and he's being blackballed.”  —  In early March, when most eyes in the NFL world were fixated on the scouting combine in Indianapolis …

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