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February 19 2014

January 05 2014


please use the above link for a description how to get your account deleted and an explanation why the delete button not working at the moment

January 04 2014

how can i delete a group? i was looking for that "delete account" button in privacy in settings but there is only that "public/stealth/friends only" thing :(

January 03 2014

If you want to group your tags in one small place, there's a simply way to do it!

You simply have to paste that into description frame, multiplying and filling up<option value=""></option> part.

<form name="jump">
<select name="menu" onchange="location=document.jump.menu.options[document.jump.menu.selectedIndex].value;" value="GO">

<option value="http://ONESNAME.soup.io ">TAGS:</option>

<option value="http://ONESNAME.soup.io/tag/MYTAG1 ">my tag 1</option>

<option value="http://ONESNAME.soup.io/tag/MYTAG2 ">my tag 2</option>

</select><br /><br />

December 17 2013

btw: please fix youtube (and other video embeds, maybe)

dear soup @kitchen
i guess soup blocks iframes in "My friends" streams? this normally makes sense and all, but it means that youtube videos, that are embedded with their embed code, wont's display.
and here's the thing: the 'normal' soup youtube embeds (made by pasting url or using the bookmarklet) won't display for me either. because flash. i have no flash installed for, like, 2 years and videos on soup is the only reason i miss it.
sometimes i'm feeling like i digging out the youtube-url out of the page source and watching it from there. but this is just as annoying as it sounds.
adopting the "new" iframe way of embedding youtube vids would propably not even sacrifice ie6-compatibility. but it would spare me (any everyone else who has no flash installed) a lot of pain.
thanks, and keep on rockin'. :)
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December 05 2013

No, unfortunately not :( In my case it's thistle, bookart, redpanda, bunnyrabbit - soups not only I rarely repost to, but they're also almost abandoned.

On the contrary: more popular soups like tardis, wishlist, pl, benedictcumberbatch - are in the middle or in the end of the list.

Well, probably reducing list would be some solution for me :P
looks like it changed to an order that puts often used groups on top. :) I think it's very comfortable now.
What the hell just happened to "REPOST TO" section?! I was used to some order, I used to know, that "wishlist" and "cats" are on top, while to repost to "benedictcumberbatch" or "gertie" (Cabin Pressure, join us! :)) I've had to scroll down twice... And now? Now it's ruined, it's nothing... I have to look, search, explore new depths of the soup...

Well, just kidding, it's not such a big problem, I'm simply curious why has it changed. Should the change be good for the script - cool! :)

September 05 2013

I would like to believe ...

I would like to believe ... that soup's @kitchen is really aware of the onging problems with the RSS import feature - by avoiding meanwhile the expression "auto" in combination with "import", like I did occasionally in earlier times in soup.io's rich and long history of dysfunctionalities.
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July 24 2013

Dear soupers :) Is there a possibility to find out whom I'm following that has annoying friends I see in the fof-line?

June 05 2013

Maintenance window June 6th, 01:00 - 08:00 CEST

I'll be doing a little bit of database maintenance, which means soup will be offline during that time.
I hope it won't take the full reserved window though ;)
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March 28 2013

my backup script won't work as the export rss feed isn't working anymore (at least for me).

anyways, here's the link to the most recent version of the script:

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My soup clone is a working WordPress plugin now. Find it over at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/meintopf/
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Tutorial: How to make your own menu on Soup bar

@everyone @kitchen @pl

TL;DR version: Copy this into yours soup description and use some common sense.

Disclaimer: I am by no means html/css expert. I just happen to use the function "inspect selected element" quite a lot. Your computer may spontaneously combust after doing this.

So, you want to make your own menu, so your readers can browse through your favourite sites, tags, or others? Here's a tutorial for you:

1) Open yours Soup edit mode:

2) Go to your soup's description. Normally, you'd type there some info about you, your hobbys, or who your favourite pony is.

However, you can also type things in html, and you can type things that may appear in any place on the site. Click on the "html" button, and copy and paste this into the description. Click OK

3) Now you have your own menu! You can of course edit it, preferably in some external editor (I prefer Notepad++). You can read the full description with html comments here. Do not copy the comments in /* */ into the description.

4) Done! You have now your own menu.

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I am currently working on another... Today in PHP (part of bigger project)...
For me, the RSS export worked today but please don't ask me if everything is included ;)

FYI: there is also a fork at https://github.com/balu-/soup-backup/ which adds some worthwhile corrections!
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March 16 2013

Soup.io Export Tools

seems like it's time for a post compiling ways to export your soup content. let me know if i missed any.

soup official post -- have seen various laments about this not working, so. probably not working.

backup script by @neingeist

lua script by @severak

soupIO downloader by @falk

download tool by @moebius (posted by @megustonanista)

backup to wordpress by @tiefpunkt (also check out their idea for a soup.io clone if you're interested!)

two things:
a) please direct your questions to the respective authors by addressing them directly (with the @) or via the original posts linked above; i just threw this together real quick and won't be able to help.
and 2) you better be doing your backups somewhere around the GMT a.m. because the servers will dissolve like dandelion fluff if you put any more strain on them. and if you cut down my soup time more than it already is, i will find out where your house lives and come over and punch you real hard in the keyboard.
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March 09 2013

Dear hairinmy, thank you for answering. You're the good ghost here…

But this time I'm stucked: for making a new passwort I need the old one – that got lost in deep space brain. I hoped there is a possibility to reset it.
And a great topping would be, how to manage it for groups.

Best wishes – gingerglue

March 07 2013

Is there a possibility to reset the password?

" ... you could have asked for it! ..."

Quite correct, many amongst your users would have been ready for a financial support in form of a fee or a donation, and certainly also for offering their help in code development - there were since more than 2 years again and again questions and proposals on different platforms connected with soup.io, complaining and asking for solutions for the increasing amount of dysfunctionial features. By a greater part of the demands and initiatives yours, the @kitchen , answers were to stay silent. - Your behaviour towards your community is the most annoying part of the down turn this platform seems to be now definitively confronted with. - The truth is, soup.io had by its constructive principles enormous potentials, but couldn't develop by negligence - what a pity!

Muc, 2013-03-07 - oAnth
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