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March 14 2010

Resurrecting the soup.io self help group - Y/Y?

Let's try to kickstart this thing again. =)

This group is meant to be a place to either ask for advice or let other users know about things you figured out, how-tos, makeshift solutions and so on.
(For bug reports and feature requests, getsatisfaction is the better option since it's the official channel thingie. =)

Over the next few days, I'll go through the old posts and tag anything that seems useful, and then make a 'consolidated tags' post which will be linked in the sidebar and which I'll keep up to date if new tags are added.

I'll start with a few posts of the how-to variation, I've got three or four topics in mind. By all means, feel free to do the same if you've got hints and tips to share.

Any suggestions or requests welcome!
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List of tags

edit posts
delete posts
edit your soup
finding posts
filter posts
addressing another soup
browsing soup
add-ons/ plugins/ userscripts

answer needed

image posts
file posts
video posts
event posts
text posts
link posts
quote posts
review posts

about this group

web 5.0

please tell me if something's wrong/missing/impractical etc. (aside from the tag links. for now, i've only put in links for tags that are already in use.)

December 15 2008


Announcing: Soup support group

Hi there!
This is to everyone who's new to Soup.io, and to everyone who's not.
There's lots of new users on Soup recently. And though Soup is quite easy to handle, some things really are easier to figure out than others. Well, Soup.io already has a support/feedback site with Get Satisfaction. But sometimes, it would be nice to do this directly on Soup. So, the idea is this: Soup support -- for users, by users. You are invited to join, ask, friend, answer - whatever. Give a little, take a little, and so on.
This is not even first level support, people. This is basement support. =)
Let's do this.

[please repost everywhere. this will only work if people know about it.]
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