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January 03 2014

If you want to group your tags in one small place, there's a simply way to do it!

You simply have to paste that into description frame, multiplying and filling up<option value=""></option> part.

<form name="jump">
<select name="menu" onchange="location=document.jump.menu.options[document.jump.menu.selectedIndex].value;" value="GO">

<option value="http://ONESNAME.soup.io ">TAGS:</option>

<option value="http://ONESNAME.soup.io/tag/MYTAG1 ">my tag 1</option>

<option value="http://ONESNAME.soup.io/tag/MYTAG2 ">my tag 2</option>

</select><br /><br />

February 23 2012

To get a background image that stays in place when scrolling enter the following as custom CSS:

body { background-image: url(http://domain/yourimage.jpg); background-attachment: fixed; background-position: center }
How to make a background like this...? | Get Satisfaction | Soup
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July 22 2011

How to "borrow" other people's CSS

Since ra asked, here are the instructions for manually shamelessly stealing someone else's customizations: Take a peek at the source code of their Soup and note the URL of the first CSS file included in the header. Open that URL, and copy its contents. Back at your own Soup open the sidebar, select the "Custom" skin and under "Edit CSS...", replace everything with what you copied.

Be prepared for weird effects though (for example, erG is not using the real page title at all, but put his title in the description field along with extra HTML markup), and don't forget to give credit where credit is due.

Sometime in the future, we will likely have a way for people to publish their customizations as skins that other people can choose.
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how to put more than one image in one post

the easy ways (as in, no mucking around with html to pull images from several sources into one post):

1. post images as a quote
mark the images like you would a piece of text, post them via the bookmarklet as a quote. (the drawback here is that soup doesn't automatically correct the image size to fit in your layout [how to change the maximum image size for your soup] so parts of the images might get cut off. anything smaller than 450 pixel in width should be fine, i think.) you can edit out unwanted text etc in between images, too.
this option means all images in one post.

2. post several images as a gallery
in the bookmarklet, choose "image" for post type, then ctrl+click each of the images you want (deselect the preselected image if necessary). then proceed like you would with a normal image post. if you add a desription, it'll be added to each image when viewed.
this options actually means making several posts as one which will be shown in your soup like the first post here. (can't figure out how to link to a whole gallery post since each image is given its own post id, meaning each image in the gallery is a separate post.)
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June 09 2011

Designyoursoup's soup

@NotaSecondtowaste made various backgrounds etc to prettify your soup (and more are in the works).
go have a look!
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April 09 2011

Soup.io is ugly. - Getsatisfaction

how to add a background image or a header image to your soup layout. detailed instructions in this pic from the last comment by yanna ramzah.
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November 15 2010

How can I resize images with CSS in my Soup?

June 08 2010

This may be an obvious question but how do I edit the CSS?

I want to add a header image and tweak a few things but when I go to Design/Edit CSS there isn't anything code to edit.
How do I edit the CSS -- GetSatisfaction/ Soup.io

if anyone could shed some light on this, especially how to put in a header image, that'd be very much appreciated. =)

(ps: info on where to find css definitions here.)

January 01 2009

6510 4c96 390
How to:

Find the URL for a specific soup post on your friends page:

Hover over the account icon and click the timestamp.
(edited to make the invisible tags invisible. *headdesk*) fixed link friend view friend feed
@kitchen: could you please implement a search bar on kitchen.soup? That would make it that much easier to find older, useful posts like the one on invisible tagging in Soup.

[Edit 27-03-10: This is completely obsolete by now thanks to the #-button in the repost/react bar. Still works, though. Useful for opening a post separately in another tab when you're in edit mode (and thus don't have the #-button), for example.]
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