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April 13 2010

want: source link for quotes and files as well

would be nice. events (and maybe videos) could have one too.
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March 05 2009

Sharing files >10MB

@dave: thanks for reminding me of this. =)
The 10MB limit can be hugely annoying sometimes. I just remembered I have an account with Box.net. Short info: it's a file hosting/sharing service, the free account ("lite") comes with 1GB of space and 10GB of bandwidth, max. file size 25MB, files or folders can be set public or private, you get individual links for sharing single files where they can also be downloaded (example). Oh, and it can generate an embed code for folders (though not for single files, weirdly).

Last + bonus track (at ca 8:10; basically, it's just Hugh Dillon taking the piss XD) of the Headstones' The Oracle of Hi-Fi, 21,1MB.

So, this might provide a workaround for now. PS: I find the organisational structure at box.net a bit confusing, to be honest, though it's easy enough to use if you just want to share a file. If someone knows a similar but better service, please let me know.
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