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May 18 2012

Image Gallery Posts

first, make sure you have gallery posts enabled. (you can find it under 'elements' in the options panel.)

to repost an image gallery, just repost each of the pictures you liked from the gallery separately, they should be automatically reassembled into a gallery post in your soup.

on how to make a gallery post of your own, see here.
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February 23 2012

To get a background image that stays in place when scrolling enter the following as custom CSS:

body { background-image: url(http://domain/yourimage.jpg); background-attachment: fixed; background-position: center }
How to make a background like this...? | Get Satisfaction | Soup
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July 22 2011

how to put more than one image in one post

the easy ways (as in, no mucking around with html to pull images from several sources into one post):

1. post images as a quote
mark the images like you would a piece of text, post them via the bookmarklet as a quote. (the drawback here is that soup doesn't automatically correct the image size to fit in your layout [how to change the maximum image size for your soup] so parts of the images might get cut off. anything smaller than 450 pixel in width should be fine, i think.) you can edit out unwanted text etc in between images, too.
this option means all images in one post.

2. post several images as a gallery
in the bookmarklet, choose "image" for post type, then ctrl+click each of the images you want (deselect the preselected image if necessary). then proceed like you would with a normal image post. if you add a desription, it'll be added to each image when viewed.
this options actually means making several posts as one which will be shown in your soup like the first post here. (can't figure out how to link to a whole gallery post since each image is given its own post id, meaning each image in the gallery is a separate post.)
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November 15 2010

How can I resize images with CSS in my Soup?

March 31 2010

Those pesky big images

When someone posts an image that's bigger than what Soup's layout allows, it is automatically made into an resizable image - you click on it and get to view the bigger version overlaid over the soup page. Click again (anywhere), and you get back to the normal view.
This can entail several problems (which may or may not be solved in the future): you cannot scroll the enlarged image if the upper and lower edges get cut off, you cannot save the image in the enlarged view, and sometimes (especially with comics or infographics) even the large-sized view isn't quite big enough to read the tiny text.

What to do: either follow the image's source link (if given) to the original page, or open the image in a new tab. All resizable images are automatically linking to an asset.soup.io/[...].jpg/.png/.whatever page where you can easily view or download the fullsize image.
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