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September 24 2012

'repost to'-fail, possible explanation thereof thanks to @mynnia

June 28 2010

HOWTO react to a reaction

Click the name of the author of the reaction (after you've expanded the reply). This will take you to the reaction's own page; you can react to it there.

On soup.io, the "react", "repost" etc. controls always refer to the thing you're currently viewing – i.e., the one you don't have to expand to see it. This is pretty straightforward, but very counterintuitive because of the controls' placement (@kitchen).
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April 03 2009

react on reactions #2

it's lotsa easier now (thnx to @kitchen, btw), just klick on the icon when the reaction-label-thingy is opened, and you'll get straight to the reaction itself.
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January 31 2009

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how to react on a reaction

1. right-click on the reaction-label-thingy while it's closed
2. open the link in a new tab
3. the reaction is now in a new tab and you can react to it.

it seems that it does not work on www.soup.io/friends /everyone etc.

many people simply react on the original post. that causes that the one who made the reaction you want to react on gets no notification. and it's hart to read for someone outside.

if there is an more elegant way to do this, please tell me..
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