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March 16 2013

Soup.io Export Tools

seems like it's time for a post compiling ways to export your soup content. let me know if i missed any.

soup official post -- have seen various laments about this not working, so. probably not working.

backup script by @neingeist

lua script by @severak

soupIO downloader by @falk

download tool by @moebius (posted by @megustonanista)

backup to wordpress by @tiefpunkt (also check out their idea for a soup.io clone if you're interested!)

two things:
a) please direct your questions to the respective authors by addressing them directly (with the @) or via the original posts linked above; i just threw this together real quick and won't be able to help.
and 2) you better be doing your backups somewhere around the GMT a.m. because the servers will dissolve like dandelion fluff if you put any more strain on them. and if you cut down my soup time more than it already is, i will find out where your house lives and come over and punch you real hard in the keyboard.
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