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December 31 2019

Soup started delivering a working bookmarklet js again. The only thing preventing it from working is that it says 'https:' in front of '//www.soup.io' near the beginning of the bookmarklet itself. Remove that six characters and you're fine to go.

cc @kitchen

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June 13 2018

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Dear Soupies
There is this vote going on 20. June 2018 on the EU parliament that will have huge impact on the internet how it is now! They prepared it in silence and I just discovered it yesterday.
They want filters all over the web to prevent copyright infringements. They: big media companies that didn't adopt to this new medium and think it's unfair that information can float free and that people can link to their sites without paying. This aims to other big companies like google and yahoo etc but it will bring many small sites to shut down, because they don't want to or cannot afford those filters. 
Data will be more caged than ever.  Science, journalists, artists, everyone using the net for inspiration and sharing knowledge won't be able to get informations without paying or other barriers. Social media as we know it will die, meme-culture will die.
Please take action. Write an eMail, take a phone call, at least read and then share these links:
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October 18 2017

well the best workaround i know, is: download it, upload it on soup and link the original. obviously this makes people volunerable to copyright attacks, it could easily turn nasty, but the same is true for the hundred-thousands of images circulating in soup. so far it seems like nothing much has happened.
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October 17 2017

hi @everybody, how to post videos on Soup?

October 09 2017

Introducing: The spice rack

This logo is supposed to be 3 piles of different colored spices

Add a little flavor to your soup!

The spice rack group is a collection of scripts, styles, bookmarklets, etc. to help you customize your soup, or your soup experience.

We also keep documentation on how to install these.

If you cannot find an enhancement you are looking for, you can make requests.

Please post feedback to @nordern

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March 10 2017

Soup.io image loading repair script for your friends stream
@nordern postet this awesome Bookmarklet script that fixes the broken soup images of the actual page.
However, it is not the best solution since the soup has a lot of broken images right now.

Here is a piece of code you can copy and paste into your about field on your soup profile.
From now on when ever you browse your friends stream within your profile (http://your-soup-name.soup.io/friends) this script tries to fix the broken images.

Happy scrolling everyone and be excellent to each other!
Source code
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March 07 2017

gingerglue This is a nice function I really miss on soup! How did you do that?

So, please bear with me, this is not witchcraft, I know it looks intimidating, but just go through it step by step, you can't break anything. If you get stuck, just reload the page and everything will be as it was. Close the Element Inspector with the X in its top right corner.

Also it's obviously very ramshackly.

  1. We go to the post we want to react to.
  2. 8213 2e4c
  3. Write our reaction.
  4. 8796 5395
  5. Open the same page again in a another tab. (Don't close the first one.) Right-click on the part we want to quote and select Inspect Element.
  6. 9464 2c84
    1. Now what we want to quote is your text obviously, and then the part with the speech bubble that provides a link to your post.
    2. 0942 4373
      1. So we'll use the Element Inspector first to delete the stuff in between (the conversation up to this point). Obviously we only need to do this if the post we're reacting to is itself a reaction.
      2. When we hover our mouse pointer over an element in the Inspector, it highlights this element in the page above. In this screenshot you can see our mouse pointer pointing at the <ul class="reaction_to"> element, and above see that this element encompasses the conversation up to the point of the post of which we're on the page.

        1341 41fa

        So now we're going to right-click on this element in the Inspector and choose Delete Node (Knoten löschen). In this next screenshot we can see that this does not only affect the markup (HTML), which is why we did it, but also the page itself, where the respective elements are now gone.
      3. 2477 0f5b
      4. Now we repeat the same for the reaction below.
    3. We're left with this on the page, which is what we want to quote.

      2936 fcc6

      By hovering our mouse in the Element Inspector we can see that the speech bubble icon is in the <div class="meta"> element and the text of the post in the <div class="content"> element. Now in order for the Soup CSS to apply to this HTML (=markup) even after we've ripped it out of this page and put it in our reaction, we need to preserve the whole tree of elements that encompasses these two. The parent node that both have in common is the one that starts with <div id="post601784690" ... . If we look closely, we can see that another element is contained in this node, the <ul class="actionbar">, which provides the Repost and React to widgets. 6889 fb11This we also don't want to quote, so we delete it too.
  7. Now we're left with the markup we want for our reaction. We right-click on the <div id="post601... element in the Inspector, and choose Copy Outer HTML. (There's still some stuff in there we don't need, but it shouldn't hurt.)
  8. We go back to the first tab, and switch to the HTML view of our reaction,

    0574 39cd

    at the very beginning, write <blockquote>, paste our prepared markup, and write </blockquote>.
    So what we end up with is the following:
  9. Post.
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March 04 2017

Version 2: Bookmarklet for displaying hidden reposts and reactions under soup posts - nordern by edave

Made by @nordern - posting because the original post was apparently eaten by the database crash.
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February 26 2017

every time I try to visit cats.soup.io I got 504 error. Any ideas about this?

February 23 2017

Image loading repair bookmarklet

This is apparently still an issue, so here is the solution again. This bookmarklet fixes the current broken images on the page, and all that are additionally loaded through scrolling. To save it, open your bookmark-bar (CTRL+B usually) and drop the link into it. To use it, click on the bookmark you just created. Public domain source code available here
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February 22 2017

Soup's missing pictures

I was looking at my old posts from six years ago when I noticed that a lot of them seem to be broken. The pictures just won't load and opening them in a separate tab always yields "Error 502: Bad gateway". I also saw this in quite a few other soups.

For the majority of posts this means that only the small "preview" picture is broken. Removing the last bit of the filename in the pictures URL (e. g. http://asset-a.soupcdn.com/asset/1647/0191_a782_690.jpeg to http://asset-a.soupcdn.com/asset/1647/0191_a782.jpeg) will show the full size picture and thus could be used to restore the corrupted posts. I might write a python script for that later...

February 15 2017

May 14 2015

Hi, is there a way to find out the group followers? Not members, but those who only observe.

April 23 2015

Hello :). I'm having a bit of a trouble, it seems. Many posts don't load for me, regardless the filter, be it friends, fof, individual users... And it doesn't really matter where i connect to Soup from. Am i the only one, or is it a more common issue?

March 11 2015

This is it!
Much love, much love ♥

here, grab this single big flower as a thank you, I owe you one.

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February 26 2015

Hi everyone :)

I really can't find anywhere information how to make own "digging deeply in my soup" option on the front upper bar of my soup.
Well, I have one already but it is totally broken inside (html) and won't working anymore.

I will be grateful for help, cheers!

February 10 2015

@123Playful-me -- hola, i assume it was you who sent an email via the contact form? the email address you put in was incomplete. just throw me another message with your email address, please?

[this message will self-delete after x seconds]

December 17 2014

You can now choose (not) to see “adult” material!

After three attempts to implement this feature, we’re finally there. You can now choose to (not) see NSFW (“not safe for work”) content by clicking on the button in the top bar.

On the flip side, you can now also set your whole soup or individual imports and posts to be NSFW.

Please refer to the @didyouknow entries on how this works in detail:

Please note: we’re not interested in making adult content invisible or pester you with silly “age verifications”. The switch to see adult material is in a prominent place, and we make it very clear what you’re currently seeing when surfing Soup. This feature has purely practical reasons: the mobile apps depend on it, users often want to visit Soup in a family/work environment but can’t, and when we try to think about anything that has to do with NSFW content that could finance Soup (such as e.g. ads) we simply need to be able to categorise undesirable material so as to not abandon either the idea or our content policy prematurely.

As you may experience, we implemented this in a human-driven way: there are no bots that set your soups NSFW status, just other users and us. And if your blog is hit with the NSFW status, you can disable it again yourself.

Up until now, we silently disabled blogs with even just one adult picture or text for display on /everyone. From now on, as long as you don’t forget to mark your NSFW material, your blog posts can and will be displayed to non-logged in visitors on /everyone again - and even the rest of it to logged in visitors if they chose to see NSFW content :)

TLDR; if you see adult content anywhere it shouldn’t be, report it via the flag icon (next to repost) and be sure to mark your own material when you create it.

As always, criticism and feedback is welcome. Just reply to this post.

And if you're interested in what we're cooking up next, members of @testkitchen see features long before (but also get hit by bugs harder than) the rest.

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